Laser Treatments
Laser Hair Removal
Suffering from excessive hair growth (Hirsutism) and excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) can have a negative impact on your emotional wellbeing. However, a course of Laser Hair Removal can slow hair regrowth and has even been proven to remove up to 95% of targeted hair on a permanent basis, helping you to feel happy and confident in your body.

Find out more about our laser hair removal treatments including how it works and what we do.

Isolaz Treatment for the face
PPX/Isolaz is the latest development in light-based technology known as Photopneumatic Therapy and is one of the most effective skin rejuvenation treatments available today.

It is a safe and pain-free Laser treatment that is favoured by men and women of all ages leaving them with more radiant, youthful-looking skin. Find out more about our pain-free laser treatments for acne and the range of conditions that can be treated.

Thread Vein Removal
Thread veins are common and can affect the face, body and legs and are often caused by changes in temperature, smoking, hormonal changes, alcohol and prolonged standing. They can be embarrassing for those affected, causing a deterioration in their confidence and emotional wellbeing.

However, there are fast, effective and non-surgical laser thread vein removal treatments available with The Harley Medical Group.

Fat Reduction
Pckets of fat around the hips, thighs, upper arm and the abdomen can be difficult to remove, particularly for women. The right diet and exercise can significantly reduce fatty build-up, but they don't always completely address the concerns leaving unwanted lumps and bumps.

Our non-surgical fat reduction treatments are a safe, fast, effective and virtually painless method to address fatty areas.

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