Why do we get it?

Uneven skin tone can be caused by hyperpigmentation - the result of too much melanin being produced by the body and this can lead to a darkening of the skin in patches. It may also be caused by hypopigmentation, which leads to a loss of skin colour and is caused by too little melanin being produced. Both conditions can be the result of sun damage, hormonal changes (during pregnancy for example) or as a side effect of medication or illness.

Treatments for Hyperpigmentation, Hypopigmentation and uneven skin tone

We have already successfully treated thousands[CH1]  of men and women with uneven skin tone and we could help you achieve the confidence that comes with having flawless skin. There are a number of non-surgical and non-invasive treatments that can really help.

  • PPx/Isolaz laser treatment

This is proven to be one of the most effective treatments for uneven skin tone and is completely painless. At The Harley Medical Group our PPx/Isolaz lasers are FDA-approved, which means they’re completely safe for use on all skin types. And treatments across all our clinics are carried out by our fully-trained and registered nurses, with most patients seeing a noticeable difference in their complexion after just five sessions. Find out more about how PPx laser rejuvenation treatment could improve your skin tone.

  • Skin peels

Agera and Obagi Blue skin peels can be a very effective treatments for uneven skin tone on the face. A mixture of ascorbic acid which contains vitamin c, salicylic acid which encourages the removal of dead skin cells, lactic acid for its excellent exfoliating and softening effects and citric acid which is a great antioxidant is applied to the face. Find out more about Agera skin peels and specialist Obagi Blue skin peels.

  • Medical Microdermabrasion (MMD)

MMD is a great way to rid your skin of dead skin cells that can make the skin look dull. Medical grade crystals are passed over the skin at high pressure and then vacuumed up along with dead skin cells. This treatment also stimulates blood flow to the skin, delivering fresh oxygen and encouraging the growth of new cells. Find out more about medical microdermabrasion.


Protecting yourself from the harmful effects of the sun and pollution is one of the best ways to prevent an uneven skin tone. Ensuring you use a daily moisturiser with SPF (sun protection factor) is the easiest way to do this without having to think about it. Drinking plenty of water and keeping your skin hydrating from the inside and out can also help to flush out toxins and keep the skin clear. Finally, taking regular exercise and raising the heart rate will help to pump blood around the body, supplying the skin with plenty of fresh oxygen. Try our anti-microbial cell renewal cream, available to buy online.

Let Us Help

Our years of experience in the field of Cosmetic Surgery ensure that you can rely on The Harley Medical Group to assist you with a tailored treatment programme for uneven skin pigmentation or discolouration. We offer free consultations with qualified Medical Professionals, as well as a thorough after care service to ensure that your experience is positive throughout your entire journey.

Medically reviewed by The Harley Medical Group Clinical Governance Board on 4th March 2020.

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