Our Laser Hair Removal Charter

At The Harley Medical Group we pride ourselves on providing expert care for every client, across every treatment, every day. In fact, we follow the same high medical standards on our Laser Hair Removal treatments, as we do for all our medical procedures. And it’s this dedication to detail that inspired us to create our very own Laser Hair Safety Charter. It’s something we not only stand behind, but live by.

Comprehensive consultations

To guarantee our Laser Hair Removal Treatments are both safe and effective, we’ll always invite you to join us for a free and professional consultation where we’ll cover the following:

  • First one of our experts will assess both your skin and hair to ensure they can recommend the very best treatments for your individual needs
  • Discuss your reasons for considering Laser Hair Removal. If it’s not 100% right for you, it’ll never be right for us
  • Explain all possible treatment courses and timescales to get the very best results
  • Discuss realistic results to manage your expectations
  • Take you through a variety of payment options to ensure you’re comfortable with pricing
  • Give you advice on how to prepare perfectly for any upcoming treatments, including when to shave and what products or creams you should use and also what to avoid

Dedicated staff, Better results

Even with the very best technology to hand, including medically classified lasers, we understand that it’s our wonderful team of experts that really sets us apart. With that in mind, across our nationwide clinics you’ll always find the following:

  • A designated Laser Lead, overseeing all treatments
  • A team of Treatment Advisors
  • A Specialist Laser Protection Supervisor
  • A team of Laser Practitioners

In addition, all our clinics are approved by regulating independent health advisory body CQC.

Expert training. Exceptional Results

We’re dedicated to creating the most effective treatment plans for you and your individual needs. So, whether it’s your first consultation, or you’re having an annual top-up, we’re here to ensure your journey is as smooth as your results.

  • All practitioners must learn the ‘CORE’ knowledge in Laser Hair Removal. This is the official and essential training course for practitioners of laser and light treatments in both the medical and aesthetics industry
  • All practitioners must meet a strict recruitment criteria to ensure they meet all the essential required qualifications
  • All practitioners are re-assessed regularly so we can maintain the highest standards of care

Precision treatments, precision care

No two clients or treatments are the same, that’s why you can always expect the following at every treatment you attend:

  • Tailored treatment times so you never feel rushed
  • Bespoke Grid System to ensure we get every hair, every time
  • Aftercare – we always take the time to soothe your skin after treatments and recommend the most appropriate essential skin care regime too
  • Finally, we’ll plan your next treatment appointment with you to help ensure the best results possible

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